Born in 1988, Steve quickly established himself as a bit of a prick. Demanding tea in hand every morning and leaving soggy towels on the bathroom floor, he is completely useless at home where he still resides with mummy. 

There is a positive side to Steve however. His beautiful dog, Elsa, is a wonderful addition to a country walk and a favorite subject of his photography. Tottie and Pepper are the two other family dogs. Steve's brothers are both artists. George studied art at Camberwell and lives in London. Bruce is studying film animation. 

Steve indulges in travel and has built up a wealth of photographs from overseas and far away. He values spontaneity and character in his work. Unfortunately, he also assigns rather pompous titles to a lot of his photos - these are pretty evident in most of the gallery lists above. Most of his sketches reflect his practice as a surgeon. His brothers describe him as a 'frustrated artist' because he only ever gets to paint anatomy. 

The yellow-throated toucan below is called Ian.

Enjoy the photography. 

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