Long Wait   A mother carries her child as they queue up for a vaccine jab outside a health clinic in Antananarivo.
  White Browed Owl   A rare inhabitant of thorny woodland, his white eyebrows give him a particularly distinguished appearance.
  The Long Road Home   These children belong to a group of semi-nomadic people, traveling across the scorched deserts of southern Madagascar in search of more fertile valleys.
  Mafana's Laugh   This young girl was playing catch with her younger brothers. I loved the spontaneous laugh she broke into when I tried to take her photograph. That missing tooth is priceless.
  Mialy   A young girl looks towards a field were her father and uncles continue to work as the sun sets on this rural farming village in Madagascar's central highlands.
  Rusty Rainforests   Leaves glisten in the morning light. A clearing in the trees allows the magpie robin's song to filter onto our jungle trail from the cloud-covered shadows beneath.