Ripples of Sand   The gentle undulations of sand dunes form the terrain of much of the Namib Desert.
  Haze   Sharp angled dunes rise up from the barren plains below. An empty land of heat and sand.  The windswept hills are prone to sand storms and visibility is often poor.
  Dust Bowl   An abandoned outpost lies in the middle of nowhere. A last freestanding structure after decades of neglect and erosion.
 Rain  Clouds bulging with rain and sand roll over the bleak landscape that surrounds a dry river canyon in southern Namibia.
  Desolate Road   This was the harshest landscape I had ever seen. Sand blew across swathes of parched land in the dry wind. We had to shield our eyes from the menacing grains. A land that humanity has chosen to ignore.
  Naweto   A young boy stares into the camera lens before attending his class in a Himba village in northern Namibia.