Long Wait   A mother carries her child as they queue up for a vaccine jab outside a health clinic in Antananarivo.
  White Browed Owl   A rare inhabitant of thorny woodland, his white eyebrows give him a particularly distinguished appearance.
  The Long Road Home   These children belong to a group of semi-nomadic people, traveling across the scorched deserts of southern Madagascar in search of more fertile valleys.
  Mafana's Laugh   This young girl was playing catch with her younger brothers. I loved the spontaneous laugh she broke into when I tried to take her photograph. That missing tooth is priceless.
  Mialy   A young girl looks towards a field were her father and uncles continue to work as the sun sets on this rural farming village in Madagascar's central highlands.
  Rusty Rainforests   Leaves glisten in the morning light. A clearing in the trees allows the magpie robin's song to filter onto our jungle trail from the cloud-covered shadows beneath. 
  Jungle Clutter   Trees and plants topple over one another in this rich and varied biosphere, blanketing the hundreds of endemic animals beneath them with one huge Henri Rousseau-like painting.
  The Black and White Ruffed Lemur   One of the most confident lemurs we came across was the Black and White Ruffed. Those beautiful amber eyes were irresistible.
  Fosiah   We met this young girl, waiting eagerly for her brothers to arrive from school, behind a wire fence in the village of Ranomafana.
  The Lurking Tomato   Like a sunbather that’s had just a little too much sun, this large frog species has a fiery expression.
  Resting Zebu   Zebu cattle are a docile, intelligent and extremely hardy breed of cattle found over much of East Africa.
  Village Horizon   Farmland and simple houses make up this nondescript village, where people are happy enough living off the land and children are still amused by wooden toys.
  Eyes Up   An Oustalet’s Chameleon surveys the canopy above as he makes his way along a strangler vine.
  Welcome to our Market   People busy themselves with selling, bartering and buying on the dusty tracks of a well trodden market square.
  Horizons   Tropical pine trees line the foreground in this view of far flung islands.
  Nosy Be Black Lemur   Jet black fur and an eccentric mane gave this lemur a startling appearance. It’s almost as though he walked out of a monastery.